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Well I’m gonna be completely honest here. Ain’t shocked in the least by what this guy is admitting to right now.

  1. Has had online relationships with at least 6 women in the last 3 years. Word
  2. Never met any of the women. Ok, I’ll believe that
  3. Will not lay out what happened in the relationships. Good move.

I am on the other hand loving this little part. The reporters are hounding him now for the age of the women, saying these girls were only a few years older than his kids. Ummm… I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s prolly not tryin’ to swap dirty talk with a 40 year-old housewife. If anything that’s the most relieving part of this whole thing. Hey guys, at least the bitches weren’t old right?

Best quotes from the whole press conference, both happened as he’s walking off stage:

  1. Were you fully erect or flaccid in the photograph?
  2. Do you plan to support Governor Schwarzenegger’s love child?

Let a player play.