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Moronic behavior at its finest


K, where’s my gun I need to go shoot some people. Honestly… what!? Is this real life? I’m almost at a loss for words, let me get this straight. Lady declines body scan machine because she’s embarrassed about how disgusting she is. Gets patted down by TSA officer and makes a ridiculous scene because her fat chesticles got touched. This is how you’re gonna “reveal the atrocities occurring at airport security” that’s getting everyone all worked up lately? Ummm… go fuck yourself. That is directed at every single person who agrees with the people in this video.

First off, lady you are a boar. Repulsive in every single way. Nobody is going to feel you up unless it’s literally a strict job requirement. Second, the body scanner is there so you don’t have to get patted down… you declined it. You know who declines a body scan 100% of the time? A fuckin’ terrorist. A person with a god damn bomb shoved up their ass. Where do you hide shit? Where people aren’t gonna look. You don’t tape a knife to your forearm, you shove it into that cavernous, dust-ridden cleavage you got there. You wanna decline the ultra-simple body scan that only requires you to stand still for a few seconds? Fine, we’re gonna pat your nasty ass down. I despise these kind of people. They think that every little thing is a god damn conspiracy. Take off my shoes? THEY’RE COVERING UP THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION! BIGFOOT EXISTS! WE NEVER LANDED ON THE MOON! I KNEW IT!

On the other hand, there is something that requires some press about airlines. And that is the size of the seats. If I had to sit next to this fuckin’ bag of hein for a 4 hour flight I can guarantee you it will end in me killing her or me killing me. Rather shove a stick up my dickhole than spend 5 minutes next to this lady.