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Who’s retarded now?

Just read this great article that provided me with some, I’m assuming, legitimate data for something I’ve considered many times: the quality of a democracy depends on the education level of the average voter. My thoughts are usually more in the form of “why are there so many god damn retards out there?” There’s an actual graph of the relationship between gov’t quality and avg. education, but here’s an excerpt:

In order to evaluate the actions of politicians, voters need to be able to process the available information and understand the impact of the actions of elected officials on their welfare. Voters unable to process information and make rational decisions are as ineffective as uninformed voters. Winston Churchill, who had a dismal view on voters’ ability to process information, once said: “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”.

When we’ve got Mike Huckabee–a legit candidate in 2008–saying “[abortion] transcends all of the political issues”, then we’ve got fuckin’ problems. Huckabee, as much as I don’t wanna admit it, is obviously a pretty smart dude. But do you think he actually believes that bullshit? Heeellllll no. But there are PLENTY of people in this country that do… and he’ll gladly scoop those votes when he needs them. I mean seriously. Not the economy. Not education. I’d even accept fuckin’ airport security over this shit. Abortion! But… what are ya gonna do?

It’s hard not to feel depressed about all this. I mean I regularly bitch about the bullshit politicians do, but the reason they vote in lockstep over every single partisan issue is because that’s how they’ll get re-elected. The political process isn’t dangerous, it’s expected. What’s dangerous is the amount of people who vote for someone based solely on their party-affiliation, or their position on one or two issues. Down in Alabama, Billy Bob doesn’t know jack shit about the Dodd-Frank Act. But you can bet your sweet ass the second he finds out his district’s rep wants to close down all the Chic-fil-A’s in the state, he’ll be voting for the other guy.

Just remembered this video… laughing at the beginning and screaming at the end:

Dimepiece at 2:15 tho… that stutter is cool with me cutie.